The dangers of alcohol-containing antiseptic mouthwashes

Biogenetika Blog Post The dangers of alcohol-containing antiseptic mouthwashes

Everyone loves the nice and refreshing feeling that mouthwash leaves in our mouths, but are we willing to pay for the hidden cost for it?

While you may have heard that alcohol-containing antiseptic mouthwashes are beneficial, there are some studies that suggest otherwise. In fact, rinsing your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash daily has been linked with increased risk of developing high blood pressure, by reducing the production of nitric oxide (a natural vascular dilator) [1-4].

There are two ways to produce nitric oxide in our bodies. Antiseptic mouthwashes and tongue cleaners can disrupt one of these pathways by affecting the oral bacteria concentration responsible for converting nitrate to nitrite, and then nitric oxide [3].



Moreover, daily use of antiseptic mouthwashes can also inhibit the benefits of exercise. One study was using 23 healthy individuals that completed two treadmill trials at moderate intensity. It showed that the blood pressure-lowering effect of exercise was reduced by 61% over the first hour of recovery, and fully abolished 2 hours after exercise when participants were given the antibacterial mouthwash [5].

These studies raise a very important topic that make us reflect if the use antiseptic mouthwashes is worth paying the hidden cost or not. If you love mouthwashes perhaps changing to non-alcoholic mouthwash such as "The Natural Dentist" rinse could be a great alternative.



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