Our Story

Meet the founder

How it started

BioGenetika was launched in 2014 by Dr Fernanda Thomaz; dietitian, nutritionist and naturopath.

The  passion for research, science, natural medicine, paired with a strong belief that adequate nutrition can transform lives and provides the foundation for a balanced and joy-filled life, was the fuel source that created BioGenetika.

Today, BioGenetika is found in multiple stores and clinics around QLD, fast expanding nationally and full of surprises with many other high-quality natural products to come!

Meet the founder

Fernanda was born in Brazil where she completed her first bachelor degree in Nutrition and dietetics. Since then, she has completed a doctorate in biochemistry, an advanced diploma in naturopathy, and a diploma in fitness and sports. Overall, Fernanda has been studying health sciences for over 17 years.

Besides her academic history, Fernanda also possesses more than 13 years’ experience in clinical nutrition and she has a particular interest in mental health and metabolic syndrome.

After witnessing family members suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and chest pain, she decided to put her years of experience into practice to try to help people suffering similar symptoms.

The challenge was in creating a product using only natural, scientifically proven ingredients that can help to open the veins to regulate blood flow and blood pressure, while delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the body.

Challenge accepted! NOX15, an all-natural vascular dilator (nitric oxide booster) was born. Read more about nitric oxide here.

The name NOX15 was inspired from the periodic table. Nitric Oxide, also known as NO (Nitrogen + Oxygen) has the atomic numbers in the periodic table of N=7 and O=8, which together equals 15. Put an X on the end (for super-duper-awesome) and you get NOX15.

Over the past 5 years, Fernanda has perfected NOX15 using only the highest quality of natural, clean and scientifically proven ingredients to create a healthy, energy boosting drink that also tastes great.

From our customers

While taking the powder, I noticed a marked difference in my circulation including not waking with numb extremities, not getting numb hands from the vibration of the zero-turn mower and other benefits which I will not expand on here (if you know what I mean).


Toowoomba, AU

I like the flavour, It's a nice light flavour and pretty easy to drink. Since I started taking NOX15 before training, I feel like I have more energy when I'm lifting. I can often find that extra energy for that one last rep, even when I don't think I have anything left to give. It definitely works for me. I'm a happy customer.


Brisbane, AU